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ACI Communal Seder

Be part of ACI's wonderful communal Seder on the second night of  Passover!  Hear - and tell - the Passover story through song, music, discussion, learning, and feasting!  (Wine included!  ...but you are welcome to bring your own Kosher-for-Passover wine selections, if you wish...)


ACI's Passover food drive has begun. Get ready for the holiday by helping families-in-need with donations of kosher chameitz and Passover foods.  Donations will be distributed to kosher pantries by City Harvest.  Please be sure all donations have one of the following kosher certifications:

Got great photos of your kids celebrating the chagim (holidays)? Fun pictures of getting ready for Shabbat? Baking Israeli treats or reading Jewish books? We'd love to feature them on our Instagram. DM @astoriashul or email your best shots to